Our Team

Meet Yehuda and Chaim Tropper, brothers and the founders of Beca Life. Yehuda has been a registered life insurance agent since 2016 and manages a fund that acquires life insurance policies on the secondary and tertiary markets. Chaim is an actuary and has valued thousands of policies since 2008. 

We were inspired to start Beca Life after two unfortunate things happened. 

First, one of our uncles let his life insurance policy lapse simply because he didn’t know about life settlements. As a result, his years of diligent, punctual premium payments went down the drain, and he received nothing back. With a life settlement, he would have gotten at least $135,000 for selling his policy. This could have provided him with much-needed financial relief in his later years. 

Second, the grandmother of a friend of ours sold her life insurance policy for only two times its cash surrender value to a buyer she met at a seniors’ event. She’d never even heard of life settlements, much less life settlement brokers, who could have gotten her much more for her policy. With a competent broker, our friend’s grandmother could have sold her policy for at least five times its cash surrender value — a difference of tens of thousands of dollars.

This is why we started Beca Life: to educate you on how to sell your life insurance policy for the most money possible. 

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